Time is at a premium during the week at Swinderknecht kitchen stadium. While I'm happy to embark on marinades, bread baking and slow cooking on the weekend, during the week I am in straight up survival mode. It's 8:30, everybody is hungry, slightly cranky and in need of nourishment.

I don't have anything earth shattering to report to you because my most recent kitchen feats have all been variations on old classics. My go-to meals have about 5 ingredients and can be described Mark Bittman style - in one sentence.

Here are my recommendations for very quick, very unfussy fall eats:

1. Tom Spaghetti with Shrimp: simmer split cherry tomatoes with lots of olive oil and garlic until soft, add shrimp, toss with hot spaghetti and some pasta water. (NB: I like to get the pre-cleaned shrimp to save myself the agony).

2. Turkey Burgers: Mix turkey with fresh herbs, cook patties, melt cheese, top appropriately.

3. Soyrizo tacos: Cook up soyrizo, melt cheese on corn tortillas, top with fresh tomatoes, lettuce as well as some hot sauce.

What are your go-to, brain-dead, easy dinners? I would love inspiration.