Mandolines, fancy knives and the venerable soda stream have all been subject to a bit of obsession on this blog. Cue Wednesday night, lagging in cooking motivation, I lugged myself into the kitchen. I didn't immediately edge my fancy knife as a pro would as part of the warm up ritual. My pre-game involved examining my collection of aprons and donning the latest addition, a little frock from Oaxaca, Mexico that my mom picked up for me.

Suddenly I had kitchen zen. I was focused and happy to be cooking. There is a certain je ne sais quoi of putting on an apron. Part of it is the feeling of suiting up - think back to the thrill of putting on your knee pads and absurd spandex during your volleyball glory days (or not).

Tying on an apron also makes me feel, momentarily, like a bit of a domestic goddess. I may not do much around the house given my schedule, but with my apron, I feel suddenly capable.

I've picked up a few aprons on my travels, my SO's mom has made us his and hers aprons, and I also got a cute one at sur la table years ago. I'm probably at my apron max, but if I were to be in the market, here is where I would look:

1. Anthropologie

2. Etsy

3. Purlbee

A great source for craft ideas - if you've got the skills (ahem, Sallie).