After my recent success with tomatillos, this week I once again went for a wild card vegetable at the market. A bulging bin of super green padron peppers caught my eye and I was quickly stuffing a bag with a few handfuls of the little guys. I've enjoyed many a plateful of blistered peppers as appetizers at various restaurants, so I figured it was time to take on this dish at home. Padron peppers are generally not spicy, though maybe 1 out of 20 will surprise you with some heat.

The beautiful thing about summer produce is that it requires you to barely lift a finger for preparation. It's as if the season knows you have better things to do than to hang out in a hot kitchen for hours. Here is a mini recipe for you that takes all of 5 minutes to pull off:

Padron Peppers

  • Wash peppers
  • Swirl 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a cast iron skillet and heat until quite hot
  • Add 2 handfuls of Padron peppers and toss to coat in oil
  • Cook peppers until blistered, about 3 minutes
  • Remove peppers and sprinkle generously with Maldon salt
  • Serve as an appetizer with a little bowl for discarding pepper stalks