Chicken Roulades with Sage
Image Credit: Paula Jones - bell'alimento


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A decadent chicken and bacon dish


Contributor bell'alimento Gallery Recipe
Prep Time1 hr


Tips from Paula @ bell'alimento: I find the best way to pound the chicken is to cover them with plastic wrap. It cuts back on the mess, and makes for easy clean up. Be sure to season the chicken strips well once you’ve cut them into strips, chicken can be on the bland side if not seasoned correctly. If your sage leaves are on the smaller size add an extra one to each strip prior to rolling. Be patient while crisping your bacon, you’ll want that nice texture and crunch on the outside.

  • 4boneless, skinless chicken breasts,

    pounded thin

  • salt,

    to taste

  • fresh ground pepper,

    to taste

  • 8 largefresh sage leaves
  • 4 slicesthick cut bacon,


  • 2 tbspextra virgin olive oil


  1. Once you have thinly pounded out your chicken breasts, cut each breast into two strips {slightly wider than your bacon slices}. Season chicken strips with salt and pepper.

  2. Place 2 sage leaves onto each strip of chicken. Roll chicken strips. Roll bacon over chicken roll and secure with toothpicks. Continue until all pieces are rolled.

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